Bulletin ICZN Article on Registration

Neal Evenhuis neale at BISHOPMUSEUM.ORG
Wed Apr 2 11:07:27 CST 2003


Making BZN articles, etc. available to the user community as pdf
files and especially available online is actually one of the things
ICZN is *trying* to do. I apologize that we could not make this paper
immediately available as a pdf file. The BZN as currently produced
may not have the mechanism in place yet to have pdf files available
as soon as the Bulletin is published. I trust that such a mechanism
will change in the near future. I understand that Rich is -- as I
write this -- asking the editor of BZN and the author of the article
if they would allow him to make a pdf file available online to
taxacom and other lists. Hopefully, that will get the word out to
more people.

Yes, Chris -- Tubbs and Kraus are no longer in those positions in
ICZN. It is a new ICZN -- and we are seeking to make changes that you
and others want. Possibly it is not happening as fast as you or
others want, but the process of change is there.... er .. here!

I hope you and others will help support us in our efforts to help the
zoological taxonomic community by making information available online
and elsewhere.

President, ICZN


Subject:      Bulletin ICZN Article on Registration


You know if the Commission was really interested in communicating with
the community, etc., then they would make critical articles, like this
one by Joan Thorne, available to the public as pdf documents.

This would in no way affect their subscription income from the
Bulletin, but would go a long way to getting more community

Years ago I got into trouble with Tubbs and Otto Kraus as I had the
draft version of the Code posted to the then nomenclatural list server
at Berkeley.

Perhap the commissioners can again bring this subject up to the powers
to be. But the bottomline remains, not many libraries and no individuals
(except commissioners) have access to the Bulletin ICZN. So few will
read this article.

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