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Field Museum of Natural History

2003 A. Watson Armour III Spring Symposium

Systematics at a Crossroads Again: Biological and Philosophical Arguments in
Contemporary Phylogenetics

The 2003 Spring Systematics Symposium will mark the 25th anniversary of the
symposium series. This year's symposium will address contemporary issues
that lie at the intersection between philosophy of science and systematics.

Systematics is the field of biology that seeks to reconstruct the
evolutionary relationships among species and classify those accordingly.
Systematists have traditionally sought a philosophical foundation for their
sometimes controversial methods. Major changes in the field have often been
rooted in philosophical arguments and intensive debates, as is the case

This symposium will bring together prominent philosophers of biology and
practicing systematists to discuss issues including species concepts,
classification, the testing of historical hypotheses, and competing
phylogenetic methods. The participation of leading proponents of
contradictory points of view promises an interesting symposium with lively
discussion and a learning experience for all who attend.


Richard Boyd
Michael Ghiselin
Carol Cleland
David Hull
Kevin de Queiroz
Maureen Kearney
Marc Ereshefsky
Olivier Rieppel
Daniel Faith
Alexander Rosenberg
Joseph Felsenstein
Elliott Sober
Kirk Fitzhugh


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