Field Museum of Natural History Spring Symposium

Guillaume Eyssartier geyssartier at NOOS.FR
Fri Apr 4 09:21:26 CST 2003

Chers tous,

je ne pourrais pas, hélas, me rendre à ce symposium qui va sans doute être
passionnant. Les communications seront-elles publiées par la suite ? Si oui,
où s'inscrire pour recevoir cette compilation ?

Avec mes sincères remerciements,

Toutes mes amitiés,

Dr Guillaume Eyssartier
19, avenue du petit Parc
94300 Vincennes

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> Field Museum of Natural History
> 2003 A. Watson Armour III Spring Symposium
> Systematics at a Crossroads Again: Biological and Philosophical Arguments
> Contemporary Phylogenetics
> The 2003 Spring Systematics Symposium will mark the 25th anniversary of
> symposium series. This year's symposium will address contemporary issues
> that lie at the intersection between philosophy of science and
> Systematics is the field of biology that seeks to reconstruct the
> evolutionary relationships among species and classify those accordingly.
> Systematists have traditionally sought a philosophical foundation for
> sometimes controversial methods. Major changes in the field have often
> rooted in philosophical arguments and intensive debates, as is the case
> today.
> This symposium will bring together prominent philosophers of biology and
> practicing systematists to discuss issues including species concepts,
> classification, the testing of historical hypotheses, and competing
> phylogenetic methods. The participation of leading proponents of
> contradictory points of view promises an interesting symposium with lively
> discussion and a learning experience for all who attend.
> Speakers:
> Richard Boyd
> Michael Ghiselin
> Carol Cleland
> David Hull
> Kevin de Queiroz
> Maureen Kearney
> Marc Ereshefsky
> Olivier Rieppel
> Daniel Faith
> Alexander Rosenberg
> Joseph Felsenstein
> Elliott Sober
> Kirk Fitzhugh
> Registration
> To receive a brochure by mail with complete program information and
> registration form, contact jholstein at or
> rvodden at
> Or
> The Advance Registration form is available in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.
> Adobe Acrobat can be downloaded for free from the adobe website.
> tm
> Download and fill out the registration form and mail it to:
> Systematics Symposium
> c/o Academic Affairs
> The Field Museum
> 1400 S. Lake Shore Drive
> Chicago, IL 60605
> Questions?
> Email jholstein at or rvodden at

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