Pope declares Beasts are Fish

pierre deleporte pierre.deleporte at UNIV-RENNES1.FR
Fri Apr 4 11:33:59 CST 2003

You read this also about some sea birds (Branta geese) who would be "fish" 
because of their habitat, feeding habits and taste...

By the way, Popes are obviously phenetico-eclecticists in this respect, not 
strict cladists.

A 12:36 03/04/2003 -0800, you wrote :
>Perhaps the Popes were merely strict cladists.
>  "Frederick W. Schueler" <bckcdb at ISTAR.CA> wrote:
>Thomas Lammers wrote:
> >
> > At 08:52 PM 4/2/03 -0800, Curtis Clark wrote:
> > >I have been told by Venezuelans that capybaras are regarded as suitable
> > >for Lent. I don't know whether they have a dispensation.[...]
>* someplace or other one reads this of just about every family of
>aquatic Mammal (Otters & Seals, in my experience, for example). I'm
>amazed that there's no a website dedicated to "Mammals classified as
>fish by the Roman Catholic Church for purposes of Friday Fasting."
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