Phanerotoma coleoptera and Hymenoptera

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     The spelling Phanerotoma can only be applied to the hymenopteran genus.
     As for the beetle genus Phanerotoma named by Solier, it may or may not
need a replacement name.  If any junior synonyms are already available, the
next available name would replace it.  Or if Phanerotoma Solier itself can
be shown to be a junior synonym of an older named beetle genus, then a
replacement name might not be necessary.  Depends on the details of the
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>Subject: Phanerotoma coleoptera and Hymenoptera
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>Dear colleagues
>There is Phanerotoma Solier 1843  in coleoptera Tenebrionidae
>Phanerotoma Wesmael 1838 in Hymenoptara Braconidae
>I would like to know if Phanerotoma Sol., has to be renamed...
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