Pointers to data sets for reticulated phylogenies

Stephen C. Carlson scarlson at MINDSPRING.COM
Mon Apr 7 17:08:14 CDT 2003

Dear list,

I am researcher who has been studying the application of cladistics, particularly parsimony-based analysis, to determine the filiation of manuscripts.

Most of my effort has been involved in handling the problem of reticulation (horizontal transfer between unrelated lineages), which is more common among manuscripts than metazoans.  I've come up with an approach that I'm finding reasonably satisfactory for manuscripts but I would like to see how well they would work with biological taxa.

I'm not a biologist, so I'd appreciate any pointers to published or publicly available data sets and related literature for groups of taxa where there is suspected to be reticulation (e.g. hybridization, lateral gene transfer, etc.).  I suspect that botanical data sets (e.g. among angiosperms) might be the most promising.  Data sets with many characters (e.g. 300+) but with a moderate number of taxa (e.g. 30-60) are preferred.

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