more attacks on taxonomy and systematics

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     As I just pointed out in my last post, the heartland seems to be
inordinately paying the price for the hubris of more powerful institutions
(especially on the East coast).  In a way it's sort of a variation on "the
last hired, the first fired".  When times get tough, the most vulnerable pay
an inordinate price.
             ------ Ken

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>Subject: more attacks on taxonomy and systematics
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>It continues:
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>    The Herbarium at U of I is also suffering financialy. Last semester
>at Kirkwood CC in Cedar Rapids, I enrolled in a Botany class. At some
>point in the class, we had a field trip to the U of I herbarium and the
>main botanist said that the herbarium there is scheduled to be
>terminated, and the specimens will have to be transferred to the ISU
>herbarium. Something like 100,000 specimens will be lost in the process
>because of a limited storage capacity at the ISU herbarium. From what I
>gather, the reason this is happening is because big wigs with the
>checkbooks don't see the point in having a collection of dried plant
>    Sounds a lot like the Nebraska Museum's crisis, except, thankfuly on
>a smaller scale.
>    Randy Scheiner
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