An 'Odd' discovery...

Robin Leech releech at TELUSPLANET.NET
Fri Apr 11 18:14:29 CDT 2003

An old trick we have used in western Canada is to put the critters and
infested material into an air-tight chamber.  Flood the chamber with
CO2.  One of the easiest sources of CO2 to use is dry ice.
The CO2 causes the pests to open their spiracles wide - wide
- and they cannot close them when you introduce the next poison.

Give the CO2 treatment for a 15-24-h period, then drop in the real
toxin - cyanide gas for 24 h, and 48 h for the PDB.

Because they are now forced to keep their spiracles wide open, the
PDB or CN gas goes straight in.

After a 24-h period with CN gas, or perhaps 48 h with PDB, open
and vent the chamber to the outside.  All the critters will be dead.


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