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Richard Jensen rjensen at SAINTMARYS.EDU
Wed Apr 16 08:43:41 CDT 2003

Nothing like taking things out of context and ignoring history.  Read the
rest of Don Colless' paper to understand his point and remember that,
Numerical Taxonomy (sensu lato) included "numerical cladistics".  The
discussions of character in the context of NT included phenetic and
cladistic proponents.  Despite wishes to the contrary, modern cladistics is
an outgrowth of NT.


> David Willams wrote:
> *******************************************************************
> Don Colless noted in his paper (Syst. Zool. 34:
> 229-233, 1985) "Problems in the term 'character' seem to have surfaced
> first in the field of numerical taxonomy" (from p. 229). Indeed. And
> there they reside.
> *******************************************************************

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