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>April 16, 2003
>April 16, 2003
>Dear Colleagues:
>Today's issue of USA Today -- "Life Section" (p. 6D) -- contains a 30-inch
>story on the threats to natural science collections resulting from budget
>cuts at universities and state museums in the U.S.
>Science writer Dan Vergano worked closely with me to expand his idea to
>address the broader range of natural science institutions that are being
>affected, including Scripps, University of Nebraska, Michigan State,
>Virginis Museum of Natural History, and Virginia Tech.
>These topics will be addressed at the upcoming NSC Alliance Annual Meeting,
>which is being held June 5-7 at the University of California Berkeley. We
>hope you'll be there to make a contribution, and to take action.
>Best wishes, Bobbie
>Roberta Faul-Zeitler
>Executive Director
>Natural Science Collections Alliance
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>Washington DC 20006
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>Email: faulzeitler at nscalliance.org
>Formerly the Association of Systematics Collections


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