Threatened Collections

Doug Yanega dyanega at POP.UCR.EDU
Wed Apr 16 17:50:36 CDT 2003

Given Gerald Noonan's message, this latest from Roberta Faul-Zeitler,
and other signs of the coming Apocalypse, one rather immediate and
urgent question comes to mind:

If these threats are here and now, then it's almost certainly too
late for us to be discussing what long-term plans we might make for
reshaping public and political perception of the role of museums and
taxonomists. Getting more public support five to ten years from now
isn't going to help if half the museums in the country are dismantled
in the next two years. It's like we're all tied to the railroad
tracks in a big line while a train is heading for us (the first in
line have already been hit, in fact), and if our best solution is
calling the head of the railway and asking him to re-route the train
before it runs *all* of us over, then I think we're in big trouble;
there's too much inertia and bureaucracy in the way. I can think of a
few alternatives, but they're very risky, require way more
cooperation than our community is probably capable of, and involve
way more public exposure than we're likely to be comfortable with, so
I don't think they're realistic. Doesn't anyone one else have any
ideas as to what we might do *now* to improve our odds - essentially,
a way to cut whatever it is that ties us to the tracks?


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