Threatened Collections

Thu Apr 17 10:03:56 CDT 2003

Closing museums in an 'orderly' fashion is a tad more civilized than
allowing not just regional but world cultural heritage collections
to be robbed, looted and vandalized. But the spirit behind both
is the same.

The fish - even some outwardly well-curated ones - starts
smelling from the head. What you need to do is get yourself
another government (while you still can - as a German I am
speaking from the historic experience of our country). I suppose,
most of those decrying the course of current politics didn't actually
vote its perpetrators in, but - or so it seems - somebody must

The TAXACOM community may not want to go there,
but - to stay within Doug's picture - it doesn't seem wise
to just go on collecting bugs along the railroad tracks
while a train is coming.

Martin Spies
Zoologische Staatssammlung Munich

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