Threatened Collections

Luis C. Muniz lmuniz at EASYLINE.COM.BR
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I think that your argumentation is a perfect one, I fully agree.
I would like to add, why we can not speak here about successful experiences
regarding scientific collections?, we have in the world outside USA (and
even though inside), many Curators and Institutions that keep your
collections with no problem (almost), with governments that understand the
strategical and historical importance of the scientific collection.
We can use this important forum to share this kind of contribution, as can
be seen in many times here.


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> Closing museums in an 'orderly' fashion is a tad more civilized than
> allowing not just regional but world cultural heritage collections
> to be robbed, looted and vandalized. But the spirit behind both
> is the same.
> The fish - even some outwardly well-curated ones - starts
> smelling from the head. What you need to do is get yourself
> another government (while you still can - as a German I am
> speaking from the historic experience of our country). I suppose,
> most of those decrying the course of current politics didn't actually
> vote its perpetrators in, but - or so it seems - somebody must
> have.
> The TAXACOM community may not want to go there,
> but - to stay within Doug's picture - it doesn't seem wise
> to just go on collecting bugs along the railroad tracks
> while a train is coming.
> --
> Martin Spies
> Zoologische Staatssammlung Munich

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