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> Yes, it was most likely the staff.  But perhaps they did it to SAFEGUARD
> the objects?  Perhaps they were aware of rumors/reports of objets d'art
> that American GIs carted home from Europe in WWII?  Were the Red Army
> descending on my herbarium and I had the chance, I'd bundle up my types
> take them with me, just to be safe.  Perhaps the curators carted off the
> good stuff and hid it, awaiting a more certain future.  I'll not judge
> till we have more info.

> Thomas G. Lammers, Ph.D.

This is another concern of mine also. (My last post only touched on some of
my views/concerns.  For example, I hold that the US "generals" are fully
culpable in not protecting these facilities as they did the oil resources.)
If the "press" has gone off on a witch hunt when most of the more important
Museum items were simply removed for safe keeping by staff, we may now have
a situation where the staff is afraid to bring the materials back as they
will risk being falsely accused of steeling the items.  Or, at the minimum,
accused of not speaking up sooner that much of it was safe before the world
went ballistic (crazy).   Either way, I would not want to be in those folks
shoes.   Let me say this.  Taking responsibility is hard - casting blame is

To me, the whole situation there is rabid with knee jerk postulations and
conclusion fostered by the world's press.   Lynch mob mentality is a
terrible thing.  My overall position is that there are MANY rational
alternate possibilities to virtually every "story" being reported by the
press.   A press that all too often loves bad news and sensationalism -
esp. here is the US.  Plus, the US has got to be the worst country on earth
for biased reporting - be it for the left or the right.

I am very frustrated by the whole thing.  I am so small in this large world
I can not even put my finger in the dike.


PS  I had a rich typo here.  My last sentence originally read.. not even
put my finger in the dyke  :-)   I need to read more of the comic books and
turn off cable news TV.

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