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Tue Apr 22 03:51:38 CDT 2003

Robin and John,
     Along the lines of the post I just made, I think the influence of
Gould's death is perhaps somewhere in between.  It certainly was a blow.
     However, I personally believe the death of Peter Ashlock may ultimately
have had an even more profound impact in the long run.  That the 1991
systematics textbook of Mayr and Ashlock has been out of print for some
years now is even more devastating to the future of biological systematics.
     Only if those who teach systematics courses begin demanding that such
textbooks become available once again will we see some return to a better
balanced approach.  And if NSF wants to promote a brighter future for
systematics, a minimal amount of funding to encourage the republication of
such a textbook would be an excellent investment in the future.
          ------- Ken Kinman

>From: John grehan <jgrehan at TPBMAIL.NET>
>Reply-To: John grehan <jgrehan at TPBMAIL.NET>
>Subject: Re: Coincidental?
>Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2003 22:33:02 -0400
>I for one do not see any such influence.
>John Grehan
>At 06:31 PM 4/21/2003 -0600, you wrote:
>>Is it coincidental that the Creationist-Non-evolutionary groups,
>>and the closing of so many natural history museums, are
>>occurring so soon after the death of Stephen J. Gould?
>>Has a great influence been lost?
>>Robin Leech

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