mystery localities

Doug Yanega dyanega at POP.UCR.EDU
Fri Apr 25 11:00:02 CDT 2003

Neither the USGS database nor the Alexandria Digital Gazetteer seem
to have any record of the locality "Regina, Imperial County, CA" -
either as a present name, a variant name, or a name from an adjacent
area (it's very unlikely to be from anywhere other than Imperial
County or the immediate vicinity). Having exhausted the two best
sources I know, does anyone else have an idea where, exactly, this
locality is/was? Was it possibly the name of a farm or ranch, and if
so, are there any resources that can retrieve such names? In a
similar vein, I cannot turn up the location of "Lum Del Mine" in
either of these resources. It is almost certainly from either San
Bernardino or Inyo county, CA.

Thanks in advance,

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