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Sun Apr 27 12:52:02 CDT 2003

At 11:00 AM 4/25/2003 -0700, Doug Yanega wrote:
>Neither the USGS database nor the Alexandria Digital Gazetteer seem
>to have any record of the locality "Regina, Imperial County, CA" -
>either as a present name, a variant name, or a name from an adjacent
>area (it's very unlikely to be from anywhere other than Imperial
>County or the immediate vicinity). Having exhausted the two best
>sources I know, does anyone else have an idea where, exactly, this
>locality is/was?


One useful source of obscure names is the "Railroad Atlas of North America"
series published by a British group, "Steam Powered Publishing", and sold
in some map stores.  Each covers two or more states, and includes detailed
maps with all current and abandoned rail lines, and names of all stations,
stops or other features along each line.  In the case of "Regina", the
California/Nevada atlas (the only one I have) includes only one Regina,
marked as a "passing siding" on the Southern Pacific line between Niland
and Amos, about 14 miles southeast of Niland and 3 miles northwest of Amos
(Imperial Co.).  But your other locality, "Lum Del Mine", is not in this atlas.


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