tablet notebooks and biological illustration

Chris Glasby Chris.Glasby at NT.GOV.AU
Tue Apr 29 09:31:15 CDT 2003


Does anybody out there have experience using tablet notebook computers for doing
biological illustration and image analysis. From my fairly limited background
reading about these devices it seems like they could be a useful tool for
creating (and analysing) microscope digital images by :
- tracing around the outline of an image projected from a microscope camera
- tracing an image captured from a microscope mounted digital camera and
displayed on the tablet;
- digitizing point coordinate data for morphometric studies;
- point to point measurements on captured images (provided the tablet can be

Are there any recommendations on hardware or software? The Toshiba Portege 3500
seems to be some reviewers choice (among those with a keyboard), but I am unsure
if existing software developed for more traditional tablet digitizers will work
with the Windows XP equipped Portege.


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