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Mon Apr 28 19:34:29 CDT 2003

Another possibility is that these both may represent the names of mines or
areas of mining claims or land titles at particular historical times.  I am
not sure about California, but in many places the county courthouse is a
repository of land titles and their histories, probably including mining
rights.  Maybe the county clerk or other officials there at the county seat
(county government headquarters) for each county would have records that go
back to whenever miners first settled and staked their claims?  Or how
about the U.S. Bureau of Mines or whatever it is called now?  Also, title
insurance companies may have such info.


At 11:00 AM 4/25/03 -0700, Doug Yanega wrote:
>Neither the USGS database nor the Alexandria Digital Gazetteer seem
>to have any record of the locality "Regina, Imperial County, CA" -
>either as a present name, a variant name, or a name from an adjacent
>area (it's very unlikely to be from anywhere other than Imperial
>County or the immediate vicinity). Having exhausted the two best
>sources I know, does anyone else have an idea where, exactly, this
>locality is/was? Was it possibly the name of a farm or ranch, and if
>so, are there any resources that can retrieve such names? In a
>similar vein, I cannot turn up the location of "Lum Del Mine" in
>either of these resources. It is almost certainly from either San
>Bernardino or Inyo county, CA.
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