Celtis sp. DNA analysis, Netherlands

Muzej primust at ST.TEL.HR
Mon Apr 28 09:30:02 CDT 2003

Dear friends,I promissed to send few leaves of local Celtis species to
biosystematic group in  Netherlands for DNA analysis of Celtis species.
I asked for explanation how to send leaves and I had the answer (e-mail
message). The problem is that I lost many mesages, addresses, including the
message related to sending leaves.
I need their address again to ask a question again for I forgot something.
I hope that some of this group or some of their collegues will notice my
I remember that I need to pick few adult Celtis leaves. To put it between
two peaces of paper or not in zip-zap bags with dehumidator?

Thank you!

Boze Kokan
Natural History Museum Split
p.p. 376
21 000 Split

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