tablet notebooks and biological illustration

John Irish jirish at MWEB.COM.NA
Tue Apr 29 10:00:49 CDT 2003

Chris Glasby wrote:

> I am unsure
> if existing software developed for more traditional tablet digitizers will work
> with the Windows XP equipped Portege.

Traditional tablet digitisers under Windows 9x interface with the
operating system through a dynamic link library known as WinTab. WinTab
does not come with Windows and is usually installed along with the
hardware. Normal tablet software checks for the presence of WinTab, and
won't work if WinTab is not present.

WinTab consists of at least two files, both usually located in
C:\Windows\System. Wintab.dll, 9kb, 10/05/1998 contains DOS/Win3.1
drivers and may not be necessary. Wintab32.dll, 41kb, 29/05/1998 is the
second version of Wintab and appropriate for Win9x systems. (File dates
are from my machine and may be vendor specific). If your existing tablet
software does not install these files or their equivalents
automatically, simply copy them from the exisitng system to the XP
machine and all should work (Murphy's Law excepted).


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