Insect Orders Neuroptera, Megaloptera and Raphidioptera: Taxonomic/Nomenclatural data

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As the fates would have it, the departmental server on which the "Index to
the Neuropterida Species of the World" is hosted experienced some unrelated
difficulties and went down for some time shortly after I posted the message
below to TAXACOM. If anyone tried to visit the site and was unsuccessful,
the server is now back on-line and the site can be accessed at the link
given below.
John Oswald

----Original Post----

Basic taxonomic and nomenclatural information is now available on the web
for >9200 species-group names (ca. 6900 valid species) of extant and fossil
taxa belonging to the insect orders Neuroptera (lacewings, antlions,
owlflies and allies), Megaloptera (alderflies, fishflies and dobsonflies)
and Raphidioptera (snakeflies). The "Index to the Neuropterida Species of
the World" web site
contains author and date information, original publication citation data,
and information on current nomenclatural status, current name (for
synonyms/homonyms), and distribution (for most...). Species/names of
interest can be located in several ways through a simple query interface.
The Index site was first posted for the 8th International Symposium on
Neuropterology held in College Station, Texas, in July of 2003, and is
announced more broadly for the first time here. The site will be of
interest to anyone working with neuropterid insects, but particularly to
specialist researchers and insect collection managers. Comments welcome.
Enjoy (lacewings rule!),
John Oswald

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