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mesibov at SOUTHCOM.COM.AU mesibov at SOUTHCOM.COM.AU
Tue Dec 9 03:39:08 CST 2003

The Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery has put online a catalog of its ca.
280 primary zoological types:

The catalog is an update of a 1974 publication in the Records of the Queen
Victoria Museum. In the new online version, we have separated species name (+
author, year), curation details and bibliographic reference onto different web
pages with extensive cross-linking. The format is somewhat unusual and I would
be interested to have some feedback off-list on the design of the catalog.

Please note that the molluscan type section is off-line pending final revisions.
Dr Robert Mesibov
Honorary Research Associate
Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery
Home contact: PO Box 101, Penguin, Tasmania, Australia 7316
(03) 6437 1195; 61 3 64371195

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