Associate or Assistant Professorship for a systematic ichthyologist at Zoological Museum, Copenhagen

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Zoological Museum, University of Copenhagen
Associate or Assistant Professorship (lektor/adjunkt) at the Vertebrate Department
A position, at the level of associate professor (alternatively assistant professor), for a systematic ichthyologist to carry out research on the systematics and zoogeography of fishes is open to appointment medio 2004.
Job description and qualification requirements:
        *       Development and curation of the fish collections of the Zoological Museum, including field work in Denmark and abroad. 
        *       Participation in research, teaching and planning, internationally and in relation to the network of institutions and organisations in Denmark and Greenland in the sector of fisheries and aquaculture, with special emphasis on fish systematics and taxonomy. 
        *       Supervision of cand. scient. (Master's level) and Ph.D. students in biogeography, systematics and historical population structure of fishes.
        *       A significant scientific research programme, on international level. 
        *       Participation in institutional administration. 
Experiences needed:
        *       Systematic revisions including phylogenetic analyses. 
        *       Documented competence in modern systematic and phylogenetic methodology, including molecular systematics. 
        *       Experience in collection management. 
        *       Demonstrable extensive field experience. 
        *       Taxonomic expertise in fishes, notably from the North Atlantic and Arctic areas.
According to the Ministerial Circular on Job Structure appointment to the position as associate professor requires a documented scientific production at an international level. In addition to research an associate professor must teach, conduct examinations and attend to other tasks at the discretion of the Department. 
A position as assistant professor requires a Ph.D. or corresponding scientific qualifications . Such appointment is temporary and limited to 3 years. The successful applicant must attend a course in pedagogy (adjunktpædagogikum).
Terms of appointment and payment according to the agreement between the Ministry of Finance and AC (The Danish Confederation of Professional Associations) on Academics in the State. In addition to the salary based on seniority the successful applicant will receive an annual pensionable supplement of DKK 62,100 (per October 1, 1997) as associate professor and DKK 37,600 (per October 1, 1997) as assistant professor. Negotiation for further supplement will be possible. 
If the applicant for the position as associate professor has not acquired sufficient experience in collection management through previous employments, appointment will be made on probation for up to 1½ years.
The application must be in English and include:
        *       A curriculum vitae. 
        *       A complete list of publications with indication of up to 10 papers which the applicant considers particularly relevant. 
        *       3 copies of each of the selected papers considered particularly relevant and (in case of multiauthored papers) a statement of which part of the work the applicant is responsible for. 
        *       Documentation for experience in collection management, teaching and other qualifications. 
It should be noted that:
        *       The applicants will be notified about the composition of the assessment committee. 
        *       The assessment committee may request supplementary documentation
        *       The assessment committee may base the assessment on any publication on the publication list
        *       Letters of recommendation are not regarded as scientific material on which the assessment may be based. However they may be taken into account when the Dean decides to whom to offer the position. 
        *       The applicants may be summoned for an interview and/or requested to give a trial lecture. 
        *       When the assessment committee's report is submitted, each applicant will receive only the part of the report relating to him/herself, as information about the other applicants according to the rules is confidential and may not be revealed to other applicants.
        It should also be noted that if the applicants want their publications and other material returned by mail, it will be sent C.O.D. 
It is a condition for the appointment that the successful applicant after 2 years masters Danish and English to a degree enabling teaching, extension work and sufficient participation in administrative duties etc. 
Any potential candidate is invited to apply irrespective of age, sex, race, religion or ethnic background.
For further information about the vacant position inquiries can be made to the departmental chairman, professor Jon Fjeldså, telephone (+45) 35 32 10 23, e-mail jfjeldsaa at 
The application marked 221-133 must be formally addressed to the Rector of the University of Copenhagen.
The original application (with appendices but without the selected papers) must be sent to the Faculty of Science, Øster Voldgade 3, DK-1350 Copenhagen K. Three copies of the application with all appendices (including the selected papers) must be sent to Director Henrik Enghoff, Zoological Museum, Universitetsparken 15, DK-2100 Copenhagen, Denmark. 
Applications must arrive at the Faculty of Science and the Institute before January 12, 2003 at 12.00 a.m. Material received after this time will not be taken into account

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