Disappearing taxonomists...

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Yes, an amazingly small number when you compare the numbers per country to
the number of inhabitants to each country. 1:46 000 000 for South Africa
alone which certainly has a reasonable ant fauna. For larger more populous
countries the situation is probably much worse.

Lynn Raw
London, UK

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> Disappearing taxonomists
> Here is a list of ant taxonomists - a group with 11K+ species so far -
> including all those living and producing ant taxonomic work (accessible
> directly through the web page), or those few building up extensive web
> sites, or students at or close to PhD-level with extensive knowledge of
> ant taxonomy or working on molecules.
> It is an amazing number, and almost all are on email, thus information
> can easily be exchanged.
> http://research.amnh.org/entomology/social_insects/ant_taxonomists.html
> Donat Agosti
> Research Associate, American Museum of Natural History and Smithsonian
> Institution

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