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Soili Stenroos soiste at UTU.FI
Wed Feb 5 12:00:41 CST 2003

The Finnish Ministry of the Environment is currently funding our project on
epibryous and lichenicolous fungi. This is a collaborative project
including members from the Univ. Turku, Helsinki and Munchen. Our basic
task is to screen the diversity of these microfungi in Finland but we will
also focus on the evolutionary and co-evolutionary aspects of the
particular life strategies (especially epibryous fungi). If you have fresh
collections of epibryous fungi and wish to share them or if you are
otherwise interested to collaborate, please get in touch.

Soili Stenroos
Department of Biology
University of Turku
FIN-20014 Finland

soili.stenroos at
fax: +358 2 3335564

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