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> The draft code had the simple requirement that all names published
> after x year had to be indexed by Zoological Record. That requirement
> was rejected as unworkable as many zoologists feel that they should be
> free to publish anything anywhere and it is the responsibility of others
> to find out what they did and where they did it. I never understood that
> attitude, but I can tell you it is real and getting worse. More private
> journals are appearing now that anyone with a computer and laser printer
> can create their own personal taxonomic publications.

Yes indeed.  There is no "reason" why anyone should be against the
Zoological Record requirement.  With the number of publications (and new
technologically easy ways to do so), and enormous amount of new names still
to come, why would any sane taxonomist be against a system _to help them_
sort through this maze?

Ron Gatrelle

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