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Niklas Wahlberg niklasleps at YAHOO.CO.UK
Tue Feb 11 15:37:32 CST 2003

Concerning vouchers for molecular work, it seems
GenBank at least are providing a possibility to link
up images of vouchers with the sequences deposited
there. I've done it myself: go to GenBank's opening
page http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/ and type in wahlberg
in the search field. The first sequence ID that pops
up is 1:

    Phyciodes vesta isolate 41-2 cytochrome oxidase
subunit I (COI) gene, partial cds; mitochondrial gene
for mitochondrial product

On the right side of the screen is the word "Links",
click on it and go to "LinkOut". This goes to a page
with a link to the image of the very specimen that has
the COI haplotype with the GenBank accession number
    Personally, I thought the possibility to do this
was a great innovation. Now anyone can verify the
accuracy (or nonaccuracy as the case may be) of the
identification of specimens for which there are
sequences available publicly.


PS For those who follow the links above, Phyciodes
vesta is a junior subjective synonym of Phyciodes
graphica, something that came to light only a few
months ago.

 --- "Snow, Neil" <Neil.Snow at UNCO.EDU> wrote: > I
think as taxonomists it is necessary to explain to
> our colleagues -- ecologists, molecular
> systematists, whoever --- the importance of
> vouchers.  My recent experience has been that their
> ears do perk up considerably when one can present
> data illustrating the high number of
> misidentifications of vouchers, and explain why the
> absence of a voucher means that the science is not
> repeatable.

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