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I have to agree with Niklas - this will be really good if we can get
people to actually do it on a regular basis.  This will really fit in
nicely with the development of MorphoBank, and help link up the two
sources of data.

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>Concerning vouchers for molecular work, it seems
>GenBank at least are providing a possibility to link
>up images of vouchers with the sequences deposited
>there. I've done it myself: go to GenBank's opening
>page http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/ and type in wahlberg
>in the search field. The first sequence ID that pops
>up is 1:
>     Phyciodes vesta isolate 41-2 cytochrome oxidase
>subunit I (COI) gene, partial cds; mitochondrial gene
>for mitochondrial product
>     gi|26891984|gb|AY156686.1|[26891984]
>On the right side of the screen is the word "Links",
>click on it and go to "LinkOut". This goes to a page
>with a link to the image of the very specimen that has
>the COI haplotype with the GenBank accession number
>     Personally, I thought the possibility to do this
>was a great innovation. Now anyone can verify the
>accuracy (or nonaccuracy as the case may be) of the
>identification of specimens for which there are
>sequences available publicly.
>PS For those who follow the links above, Phyciodes
>vesta is a junior subjective synonym of Phyciodes
>graphica, something that came to light only a few
>months ago.
>  --- "Snow, Neil" <Neil.Snow at UNCO.EDU> wrote: > I
>think as taxonomists it is necessary to explain to
>>  our colleagues -- ecologists, molecular
>>  systematists, whoever --- the importance of
>>  vouchers.  My recent experience has been that their
>>  ears do perk up considerably when one can present
>>  data illustrating the high number of
>>  misidentifications of vouchers, and explain why the
>>  absence of a voucher means that the science is not
>>  repeatable.
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