Astragalus in Plants of Central Asia Vol. 8C

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Have you tried IPNI? (

At least some of the Ulzij. ("N. Ulziykh") names appear to be there -- published in 2001.


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Dear colleagues
Can any one help me in resolving these errors in Plants of Central Asia Vol. 8C regarding genus Astragalus:

Section Nuculiela Gontsch. or Nuciliela Gontsch

Astragalus ulziy or A. ulziyhutagii (described by Sytin in Kew Bull. 51(2) :376, 1926

A. pavlovii B. Fedtsch. ssp. songariocus Ulzij. or ssp. soongaricus Ulzij

The full citations of following are missing (needed):
A. pilutshensis Gontsch. ex Ulzij.
A. roborowski Ulzij.
A. divnogorskajae Ulzij.
A. hesiensis Ulzij.
A. pseudoroseus Ulzij.
A. baischanticus Ulzij.

with regards

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