Don Les' Guide to Botanical Nomenclature

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Sun Feb 23 09:42:25 CST 2003

Cheer-up for a cold winter day:

Don Les' Guide to Botanical Nomenclature 

1) cote-type: any type specimen damaged by doves or sheep. 

2) epee-type: a type specimen in the genus Argyroxiphium (silversword) or Echinodorus (chain 

3) hole-o-type: the one specimen or illustration used by the author, or designated by the author as the nomenclatural type, that is riddled beyond recognition as the result of dermestid feeding damage. 

4) ice-o-type: a hole-o-type that has been placed in the -20 freezer with hopes of reducing the dermestid population. 

5) knee-o-type: a type specimen characterized by a peculiar indentation attributable to the force applied by the botanist's knee on the plant press. 

6) lek-to-type: any type specimen collected from the breeding grounds of the sage grouse or prairie chicken. 

7) pare-a-type: a type specimen of a very rare taxon that has been whittled away to virtual nothingness by idiots seeking material for DNA analysis. 

8) sin-type: the very first type specimen taken from the apple tree in the Garden of Eden. 

9) Bayes-ionym: a simple nomenclatural approach whereby a taxon name is selected using Markov chain Monte Carlo simulation techniques to sample from the posterior distribution of all possible botanical names by transforming the names into a canonical cophenetic matrix and using a simple Metropolis proposal distribution to select the candidate names closest to the name currently entered in the chain. 

10) ought-o-nym: a far more appropriate species name that SHOULD have been applied to the taxon rather than the one selected using the Bayes-ionym approach. 

11) proto-log: a fossilized tree trunk used as a type specimen. 

12) taught-o-nym: any scientific name learned in a Systematic Botany course 

13) nomen knewed'em: former taught-o-nyms now long forgotten by aging, senile botanists

stolen from Plant Science Bulletin 
Spring 2003 issue; Vol. 49, No. 1, p. 39.


14) nepotype (pronounced Neepoh' type):  a type name formed from the name of a professor from whom you want favors,
        or from a wealthy person who has sponsored your research, as in nepotism.

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