Intelligent Design Theory Kicked out of Class

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Fri Feb 21 00:05:24 CST 2003

Hello Taxacomers,

Headline, Edmonton Journal (Alberta) of 21 December
reads as follows:
"Intelligent design theory kicked out of class"

Sheldon Alberts
CanWest News Service

"U.S. federal court rules teachings are a 'progeny of creationism'."

In a closely watched case that ignited fresh debate about the place of
religion in American public schools, a federal judge Tuesday banned
the teaching of "intelligent design" afte ruling the theory advanced
"a particular version of Christianity" that violated the U.S. Constitution.

In a 129-paged decision, Judge John Jones ordered the Dover Area
School Board in Harrisburg, Pa., to remove language in its science
curriculum stating that life on Earth may have been designed by an
unidentified intelligent being.

The decision was a setback to fundamentalist Christians in the U.S.,
who've been fighting to introduce "intelligent desgin" as a competing
theory to the teaching of evolution in schools across the country.

Their supporters include President George W. Bush, who last
summer said American children should be taught both intelligent
design and evolution "so people can understand what the debate
is all about."

But Jones, in his ruling, found the teaching of intelligent design
violated the consitutional separation of church and state.


Jones accused school board members of lying about the motivations
behind their efforts to cast intelligent design as a legitimate scientific

"We find that the secular purposes claimed by the (Dover school)
board amount to a pretext fof the board's real purpose, which was
to promote religion in the public school classroom," Jones wrote.

"The breathtaking inanity of the board's decision is evident when
considered against the factual backdrop which has now been fully
revealed through this trial."


The court cecision could have wide-spread repercussions throughout
the U.S. because Christian activists in at least 30 states are weighing
initiatives similar to the one in Pennsylvania.

Robin Leech
Edmonton, Alberta

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