new combination?

Richard L. Brown moth at RA.MSSTATE.EDU
Wed Jan 1 08:55:42 CST 2003

Anytime a species is reassigned to a genus, original or not, it is a
transfer.  An appropriate term that can be used for clarification and
for calling attention to those who keep up with name changes is
"Revised Status".

>At 13:37 2002.12.31, Andy Deans wrote:
>>A species is described in genus X in 1900, then transfered to genus Q in
>>1905.  Someone wrongly (in my opinion) transfers this species back to genus
>>X in 1912.
>No, they simply accepted the original name--nothing is ever "transferred
>back" to its basionym.
>>Now I want to reassign it to genus Q again.  Is that still a
>>"new combination"?  If not, what's the appropriate term/abbreviation to use
>>in my manuscript?
>No reassignment is necessary. You are simply accepting the name in Q as the
>best reflection of the taxonomy.
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