Relate country to region?

Jim Croft jrc at ANBG.GOV.AU
Wed Jan 8 11:30:03 CST 2003

>One suggestion is the "World Geographical Scheme for Recording Plant
>Distributions" Edition 2, by R.K. Brummitt. It is an endorsed standard of
>the Taxonomic Database Working Group.
>A pdf of the publication, as well as text delimited files and MS Access
>database of the standard are available here:

This data set is hierarchical and arbitrarily 4 levels deep (approximating
areas for continents, regions, countries (or aggregations or parts of
countries), and states or provinces).

Where appropriate it lists the corresponding 2-letter ISO country code, and
is a relatively painless way to get hold of this dataset.

The following on-line gazetteers have hierarchical regional arrangements of
sorts and might be suitable:

Getty Thesaurus of Geographic names:

Alexandra Digital Library Gazetteer:

Geonet Names Server (GNS):

A useful list of on-line gazetteers and place name servers can be found at:


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