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    On voudrait monter une machination contre le latin pour le
prochain Congrès, qu'on ne s'y prendrait pas mieux ! (Sans vouloir
accuser quelqu'un en particulier.)

    Jacques Melot

  Le 19/01/03, à 16:33 -0500, nous recevions de John McNeill :
>Patricia Eckel's Latin diagnosis is just fine and in providing it
>she has corrected one of the errors in the original English text --
>it is a new variety that is the subject of the diagnosis, not a
>specimen (even if the proposed taxon is only known from the one
>specimen).  However, there is another error.
>Indigofera rubromarginata Thulin var. longipedunculata cannot
>"differ" from Indigofera rubromarginata Thulin, because it is being
>named as an integral part of that species.  The Latin diagnosis
>should start either as:
>"Varietas nova Indigoferae rubromarginatae Thulin var.
>rubromarginata proxima, ..." or
>"Varietas nova Indigoferae rubromarginatae Thulin typicae proxima, ..."
>[-- though in writing this, I begin to wonder .. surely "proxima"
>would require the dative not the genitive case ("Indigofera
>rubromarginata ... typica proxima") -- I don't have my Stearn handy,
>but Patricia can, I am sure, tell me why I am wrong.]
>John McNeill
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>>>>  Richard Zander <Richard.Zander at MOBOT.ORG> 01/18/03 14:58 PM >>>
>Hi, Abdul:
>         Your colleague might want to try the following:
>Varietas nova Indigoferae rubromarginata Thulin proxima, a qua pedunculo
>longo, duplo folium subtentem superante, marginibus foliolorum
>non rubrellis atque stipulis longe linearibus ca. 4-5 mm longis
>imprimis differt.
>Best wishes
>P. M. Eckel (patricia.eckel at
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>Sent: Saturday, January 18, 2003 2:29 AM
>Subject: [TAXACOM] latin translation
>Hi Taxacomers,
>Could anyone kindly translate the following few line into Latin for a
>colleague of mine. I shall be obliged.
>Indigofera rubromarginata Thulin var. longipedunculata  var. nov.
>The specimen resembles I. rubromarginata Thulin in many respects but differs
>by its long peduncle which is twice the length of the subtending leaf,
>non-reddish leaflet margins and about 4-5 mm long linear stipules.
>Thanks in anticipation.
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