PhD position available

Gerald M. Schneeweiss gerald.schneeweiss at UNIVIE.AC.AT
Wed Jan 22 18:41:28 CST 2003

A full-time Ph.D. position (three years) is available immediately in the
Department of Plant Chorology and Vegetation Science (in collaboration with the
Department of Higher Plant Systematics and Evolution) of the Institute of Botany
of the University of Vienna, Austria.  Salary in this position is 27,000 Euros per
year.  The successful applicant will work on a doctoral thesis in the University of
Vienna in context of research funded by the Austrian Science Foundation dealing
with phylogeny and phylogeography of Androsace sect. Aretia (Primulaceae).
This plant group occurs mainly in the European mountain ranges and comprises
ca. 20 taxa, which exhibit complex disjunction patterns within and among
mountain ranges. The following questions will be addressed with this model
system: (1) Is the species-richness in the Alps and Pyrenees due to in situ-
radiation (cladogenesis) or multiple colonization events with subsequent
anagenetic speciation? (2) What are the phylogeographical patterns of widely
distributed but disjunct species? Are these disjunctions due to (ancient) range
fragmentation or due to recent long-distance dispersal events? (3) How deep are
the major splits within widely but disjunctly distributed species compared to
those between sister-taxa? Are there cryptic taxa to be discovered? The applied
methods will include DNA-sequencing, fingerprinting techniques (AFLP, PCR-
RFLPs of cpDNA) and classical and molecular cytogenetic techniques. Funds are
available for all bench costs, equipment and reagents for the three years of the
thesis duration.  Laboratory training of the student will be through technical staff
and post-docs.  Academic training is through seminars and graduate-level courses
in the Institute of Botany and within the University of Vienna. The student should
be familiar with molecular and/or cytogenetic techniques. Experience in field-
work (especially in alpine regions) is desirable, but not required.  Good English
skills are necessary (knowledge of German is not essential, but obviously helpful
for living in Vienna).  A Master's degree (or Diplom) is required.  Please send
electronically a letter of application, CV, university transcripts (personal copies
acceptable), and two letters of recommendation (these can also be faxed: 43-1-
4277-9541) to: { mailto:gerald.schneeweiss at }gerald.schneeweiss at Evaluation of applicants will
begin immediately and continue until the position is filled.

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