List of old names of herbaria/collections?

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At least for personal herbaria (e.g. Regnell, Willd. on your list),
"Taxonomic Literature, a selective guide to botanical publications, and
collections with dates, commentaries and types" by Stafleu and Cowan would
be my first port of call.  You will no doubt have this available at MO.

Entries for each botanist (arranged alphabetically in multiple volumes)
include details of the locations of their herbaria and types, including
lists of herbaria where duplicates are found.

Hope this helps,

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Dear Taxacomers:

Please forgive me my ignorance. Does anybody know of a reference (printed or
digital) that lists all the old names herbaria/collections had and where
they are currently deposited?. Sometimes in original descriptions I find for
example: Herb. Monac., or Herbarium Regnell, Herb. Barbey-Boissier or Willd.
herb. Although in some cases it is easy to figure it out (eg. Herb. Berol.)
in others it is not.

Many thanks in advance.

Best wishes.


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