Fwd: Re: Sharing expertise: more than just "Ah Irony"

Doug Yanega dyanega at POP.UCR.EDU
Wed Jan 22 15:27:47 CST 2003

Ed Pirog asked:

>Am I to understand that we are to look at 'knowledge' as a product which
>should be compensated for and controlled?

To people whose worldview defines all business, including academics,
as reducible to investment and/or profit, this indeed appears to be

>I'm I the only one who sees
>something wrong with this?


>I only ask this because there seems to be a common trend going on here and
>it is not just among academics.

I don't blame academics, as much as those running many of the
academic institutions to which many of us are beholden. When the bulk
of the higher administration is made up of people with advanced
Business degrees, is this surprising? Especially when the economy is
going sour? EVERYONE is looking to jealously guard whatever they
perceive to be their investments. This is one of the other benefits
in suggesting we split away from the traditional avenues of support;
so taxonomy CAN be pursued without having those supporting us also
fighting to secure intellectual property rights to our work (that, if
anyone, *we* should be the ones controlling).

Where will it end?

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