Biogeography of Dietes (Iridaceae)

Geoff Read at NIWA.CO.NZ
Thu Jan 23 16:52:16 CST 2003

> I cannot comment informatively on such speculations. The track homology
> suggests that the evolution of Dietes is most closely bound with the
> geological history of the Indian Ocean.

Gosh, that's fantastic news! What a revelation! Thank goodness
panbiogeography is around to shed light into  these quirky dark corners of the
distribution of life on our planet.

John, feel free to quote that endorsement on the cover of your next book.


Not to be unkind, and it's an interesting happenstance, and I love these little
conundrums as much as anyone, but there is only one eastern data point. I
don't think calling the simple reality a standard track is of any benefit to the
rest of us.


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