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Doug Yanega dyanega at POP.UCR.EDU
Mon Jan 27 09:33:33 CST 2003

Stuart Fullerton wrote:

>good morng gentlefolk:
>sorry to cross post. but the more minds -----
>for some time it has been suggested that i need to acquire a Critical
>Point Dryer for the bugcloset. and i guess that the time has come.
>could one (or more of  you) please suggest the best source for a new one
>- model/make/price/source
>a source for a used reconditioned one
>understanding that this whole project is paid for out of my own personal
>pocket and understanding that it is getting very very thin, might there
>be one amoungst you that is getting a new one and just happens to have
>an older one (that still works fine) "lying around" gathering dust that
>would like to be relocated in florida?

If you have a fume hood available to you, you should consider using
HMDS - unless you're processing really large numbers of very small
samples (less than 1 cc volume each), the price per sample for
processing is much cheaper, and HMDS has a few other advantages
(e.g., dermestid-proofing, and the ability to process insects as
large as mole crickets and mantids). It's an excellent technique.


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