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Albertine C. Ellis-Adam ellis at SCIENCE.UVA.NL
Wed Jan 29 17:25:49 CST 2003

Dear TAXACOM members:

preparing a syllabus on characters of plant families for our 1st year
students I met something confusing.

The systematic texts, old and new, I studied, describe in the family
description - so Carex inclusive - the ovary as ..... usually
tricarpellate, ..... more or less trigonous, ..... with 1 medio-anterior
and 2 lateral ribs.
So the odd carpel is pointing to the glume.

In the classical flower diagrams, reproduced in every textbook as examples,
this feature is depicted indeed in this way for Scirpus and Eriophorum, but
in the Carex diagram the ovary lies the other way round.

Is this an error not noticed since the diagram was published in 1875
(Eichler, Bl├╝thendiagramme) or is it me who missed an essential description?

Unfortunately our copy of Eichler was momentarily not available in our
library, so I was not able to check.

The diagrams (taken from an old copy of Strasburger) are available on:

I am looking forward to your suggestions and explanations.

Thanks in advance, Albertine Ellis

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