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         My apologies for cross-posting.

         It appears as though this fall my college is going to try to
ressurect the Entomology course that used to be taught several years ago .
. . and my department chair has asked me to teach it.  This actually makes
me *very* happy!  This will be a course which will be open to both science
majors and non-science majors, so I'm not planning on making it an
extremely rigorous course, but it won't be particularly easy, either.

         What I need help with from you is in suggesting a good basic
entomology text.  I haven't seen any entomology texts for over a decade, so
the most recent edition I have of *any* ent. text is incredibly out of
date.  Again, I need a basic text -- *not* tremendous detail.  I *do*
intend on teaching basic functional anatomy and physiology of several
systems, and then asking them to generate a basic numerous orders insect
collection.  Yeah, I want them to have some hands-on taxonomic experience.

         Let me know what you suggest.  It would be particularly helpful if
you could include ISBN numbers with your suggestions.



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