Databases for multiple view taxonomy

Nozomi Ytow nozomi at BIOL.TSUKUBA.AC.JP
Thu Jan 30 19:54:00 CST 2003


to be fair, at least one revision has been done using Prometheus in my
understanding.  Please ask one of the authors of the Prometheus papers
for detail.

If you are interested in plant taxonomy, Prometheus system would worth
to try.  If your interest in fish, the Rich Pyle's system would be
useful.  If you have interested in others, epsecially marine
invertebrates, I have no clear suggestion.

As an advertisement, Nomencurator has user interfaces named TaxoNote
and TaxoNoteSE, written in Java.  It works on Windows, MacOS or even
on some of Unix, i.e. where ever Java runs.  It is still under
development, but especially TaxoNoteSE, developed by a project
organised by Jukno Shimura on this list, sounds almost ready to use.
TaxoNote (without SE) is available from

I think that the key funciton necessary to support a mongraphic work is
an appropriate comparator of taxonomic views.  MoReTax gives an
insight, but we would need more.  More what?  No one have ever
specified it...

Dr. Nozomi "James" Ytow
Institute of Biological Sciences / Gene research center
University of Tsukuba
Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-8572

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