Time to update taxonomy

Jacques Melot jacques.melot at ISHOLF.IS
Fri Jan 31 10:12:15 CST 2003

  Le 31/01/03, à 10:05 +0100, nous recevions de Gerald M. Schneeweiss :

>I doubt that provocative views as that from Paul Herbert are doing any
>good for taxonomy. I would less worry about the idea that species
>delimitation should be based on DNA-sequences. But I would worry if
>the political decision makers catch up such an idea (doesn't the idea
>sound attractive to get a proper inventory of life on earth within 20
>years?) and decide to train only people for DNA-sequencing (neglecting
>logistic problems as simply collecting and finding enough appropiate
>material by people who have the skills to find and explore promising
>places) and further cutting funds on traditional, "old-fashioned"

    N'est-ce pas tout simplement et clairement le but poursuivi :
déposséder la taxinomie traditionnelle au profit exclusif de la
taxinomie moléculaire pour des raisons en dernière analyse purement
économiques ?

    Jacques Melot

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