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A 11:57 31/01/2003 +0000, you wrote :
>The real crux of the matter is that if all these DNA sequences are to mean 
>anything other than simply existing as a nice bunch of sequences in a 
>computer, then they will have to be related to a real organism, i.e., a 
>specimen. For that specimen to be of any use, we need morphological 
>taxonomists who know what they are looking at.
>A bunch of DNA sequences without an organism to relate them to is of no 
>use whatsoever to anyone.

Neither is a collection of biopsies without corresponding specimens. Don't 
laugh, such "collections" do exist in some labs... unfortunately for their 
owners, there are no more "biopsies" than there are "sequences" running 
freely out there, waiting for modern biologists to study them. DNA simply 
cannot be the first way to describe the biological diversity of organisms.

>The various difficulties of deciding species status, or otherwise, from a 
>particular sequence should be too glaringly obvious to require repetition, 
>but it seems like I am being a bit overoptimistic...
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