Time to update taxonomy?

Lynn Raw lynn.raw at VIRGIN.NET
Fri Jan 31 18:48:12 CST 2003

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christian thompson wrote:

> DNA taxonomy is wonderful, if you believe everything you read in NATURE
> et cetera. A week ago it proved that species can learn to fly again
> after they lost their wings!

I am puzzled. Is this illustration, "the big wing switch"on the link below,
from the Nature article mentioned?


If so, can anyone explain to me just where wings were lost and regained.

I see four separate origins of wings and two subsequent losses but no
regaining of wings after they were lost. I haven't read the article but was
shown the cladogram (in an article in New Scientist) by a colleague who
asked this same question.

Some simple explanation would be appreciated. After all these prestigious
journals can hardly be wrong, can they?

Lynn Raw
London, UK

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