nameless taxonomy (Re: Time to update taxonomy?)

Fri Jan 31 14:45:28 CST 2003

>>>You have an organism, you sequence it, and you then link to a database
that tells you where and when other identical sequences have been obtained,
and any data that has been linked to those records. <<<

But in any sexually-reproducing species, there will be no identical
sequences.  Then it's a matter of finding "similar" sequences, and deciding
how similar is "similar enough" to be the same species.  Any links I
establish about the biology of the critter I sequenced only attach to my
sequence.  Your sequence, from something that most people would assume was
the same species (based on *morphology*) is not the same as mine, so the
links you establish to biological notes about your critter don't get
established as applying to my critter.

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