Don.Colless at CSIRO.AU Don.Colless at CSIRO.AU
Tue Jul 8 15:34:18 CDT 2003

In all the flurry of this thread, it's nice to see that there are plenty
of sane taxonomists left in the world, who do not share the
fundamentalist ideology of the dedicated cladists - and I use the term
"ideology" in the extreme sense, of a blind, implacable adherence to a
system of belief, including the mission to bring all unbelievers into
the True Faith. And, believe me, I've known a lot of cladists, even
including good friends!

I cannot imagine anything more detrimental to our science (or any other)
than a system such as Phylocode, where it is prescribed that our results
MUST be presented according to someone's (ultimately philosophical)
notions about methodology.

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