Associate Professorship at the Zoological Museum, Copenhagen

Eibye-Jacobsen, Danny DEJacobsen at ZMUC.KU.DK
Tue Jul 1 12:40:39 CDT 2003

The Zoological Museum
University of Copenhagen

A position as Associate Professor (lektor) at the Department of Marine
Invertebrates is open for appointment from 1 December, 2003.

The position is open for an invertebrate zoologist to carry out research on
the systematics, faunistics, zoogeography and phylogeny of crustaceans.

*       To carry out research on Crustacea
*       Curation and administration of the Zoological Museum's collection of
*       Participation in the teaching activities of the department,
particularly the supervision of Masters and PhD students
*       Participation through research, teaching and administration in
national and international programmes in which the Zoological Museum is
*       Participation in the administration of the Zoological Museum,
including committee work as appropriate

Necessary experience (should be documented):
*       Systematic revisions
*       Knowledge of modern phylogenetic and biogeographic methodology
*       Collections handling and management
*       Field sampling methods and sample treatment
*       General methods laboratory work including at least scanning electron
microscopy, but preferably also methods such as immunohistochemical and/or
molecular techniques
*       Broad biological knowledge of Crustacea
*       Teaching experience in the fields of biology, systematics and
phylogeny of marine invertebrates

Terms of appointment and payment according to the agreement between the
Ministry of Finance and AC (The Danish Confederation of Professional
Associations) on Academics in the State. In addition to a salary based on
seniority the successful applicant will receive an annual pensionable
increment of DKK 70,447.42.

For further information on this position enquiries can be made to the
Director of the Zoological Museum, Professor Henrik Enghoff, telephone (+45)
35 32 10 35, fax (+45) 35 32 10 10, e-mail: henghoff at

Deadline for applications: September 1, 2003 at 12.00 a.m. Material received
after this time will not be taken into consideration.

This call for applications is an extract on which an application should not
be based. If you are considering applying for this position, read the full
text of the advertisement at
<>  or ask for it at the Personnel
Office (telephone (+45) 35 32 26 45).

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