Postdoctoral Position - Parasitoid Wasp- Virus Coevolution

Jim Whitfield jwhitfie at LIFE.UIUC.EDU
Tue Jul 1 14:12:57 CDT 2003

Postdoctoral Position -  Parasitoid Wasp- Virus Coevolution

        A 2-year position for a Postdoctoral Associate is available
starting August 2003 in the laboratory of Dr. Jim Whitfield at the
University of Illinois.  The position is associated with an NSF
-funded project, "Origin and Evolution of the Bracovirus/braconid
Wasp Symbiosis", and will involve the acquisition and phylogenetic
analysis of DNA sequence data from both wasp and viral genes.  Goals
are to discover the extent of wasp/virus co-phylogeny and to test
possible origins of the symbiosis.  The successful candidate will
have experience in DNA extraction, amplification and sequencing, and
some combination of experience with phylogenetic analysis of sequence
data, co-phylogenetic analysis, and/or molecular biology of
        The laboratory currently also contains 4 graduate students
pursuing projects on systematic and evolution of parasitoid wasps,
and is closely associated with several other systematic entomology
laboratories, including those of Drs. Sydney Cameron (corbiculate
bees), Chris Dietrich (leafhoppers and treehoppers), Kevin Johnson
(parasitic lice and birds), and Mike Irwin (brachyceran flies).
Excellent facilities for DNA analysis, micro- and supercomputer-based
phylogenetic analysis, electron microscopy, etc. are available.
Those interested in applying should send a letter of interest, a
current CV, copies of up to 3 relevant publications, and arrange to
have 3 letters of reference sent to  (by e-mail is acceptable):

        Dr. James B. Whitfield
        Department of Entomology
        320 Morrill Hall
        505 S. Goodwin Avenue
        University of Illinois
        Urbana, IL 61821
        Tel 217-333-2567
        FAX 244-3499
        Email jwhitfie at (e-mail inquiries welcome)

        Consideration of applications will begin 10 July 2003 and
continue until a suitable candidate is identified.

James B. Whitfield
Associate Professor
Entomology, 320 Morrill Hall
505 S. Goodwin Ave
University of Illinois
Urbana, IL 61801
tel. (217)333-2567 (office)
(217) 265-8123 (lab)
FAX (217) 244-3499
email jwhitfie at
lab web pages:

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